University of Arizona
School of Dance


Arizona Jazz

Dance Showcase

September 27-29, 2024

Fees & Payment

Early Registration
Regular Registration
Scholarship Class (Optional)
National Auditions
Early Observer
Regular Observer
$60 (Paid separately)
On or before September 6, 2024 at 5pm Arizona time (MST).
September 6 - 21, 2024, at 5pm Arizona time (MST) or when the event reaches capacity.

Available to Showcase participants only.

Must enroll in Scholarship Class to be eligible for awards. Please bring a HEADSHOT to the Scholarship Class.

For high school seniors looking to enter the Univeristy of Arizona Dance BFA program.

The $60 Audition/Application fee is paid separately at the time an application to UA Dance is submitted.

UA Dance Supplemental Application available on the UA Future Portal from July 1, and must be submitted at least one week BEFORE the event.

Available until September 6, 2024, at 5pm Arizona time (MST). Allows teachers, parents, guardians, others who are not participating in the event admission to the Jazz in AZ performance, the Invitational Performance, and access to all master classes for observation.
Available September 6 - 21, 2024, at 5pm Arizona time (MST). Option to purchase in person and check-in subject to availability.


Registration fees are not considered a tax-deductible contribution.

Refunds are not possible under any circumstance. Absolutely no exceptions.


The online registration system requires an attendee first name, last name, email, mailing address, and contact phone number to be entered for each participant.

Registration confirmation and payment receipt will go to the email address on file for the participant.

If registering a minor please use parent/guardian/group leader email, address, and phone number. If registering a group, you may enter the same group leader contact information for all group members.

For dancers under 18 please provide a Parent/Guardian name and/or Group Leader name while filling out registration form online.

Payment is required at the same time registration is processed. Please have your credit card information ready.

Scholarship Class

The optional Scholarship Class is a great chance for participants to practice auditioning. Awards to summer dance programs, dance conventions, cash awards and other prizes give further value to participating in this enjoyable challenge.

Take the chance. Put yourself out there!

*NEW in 2023* In order to maximize scholarship opportunities, the Scholarship Class will be divided into three age brackets.

*NEW in 2023* If you’re participating in the BFA National Audition, which coincides with the Scholarship Class, and wish to be considered for external scholarship awards (see list), an additional fee of $30 will apply. Your evaluation for the scholarship will be based on your performance in the BFA National Audition. Please note that a headshot is not necessary for applicants in this category.

Scholarship Class Times

Friday, Septemer 27th

  • Ages 19+: 2:00 – 3:30pm
  • Ages 12 – 14 & ages 15 – 18: 3:30 – 5:00pm


  • Partial fee waiver to The University of Arizona School of Dance
  • Scholarships for numerous summer dance programs
  • Fee waivers for 2023 Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase
  • Other prizes and cash awards


  • Only available to showcase participants.
  • Must enroll in Scholarship Class to be eligible for awards. Fee is $30.
  • Scholarship forms can be filled out beginning at 10:00am on TBD
  • All participants must bring a HEADSHOT photo to the Scholarship Class. A resume is not needed.

Jazz in AZ – Faculty Concert

Presented at the Stevie Eller Theatre, Jazz in AZ is a high energy, one act wonder. A visual spectacle of jazz, tap and contemporary dance performed by the UArizona School of Dance Ensemble.

It is a program not to be missed!

Admission to this performance is included in the registration fee for participants and observers.

Jazz in AZ – Faculty Concert

Friday, September 27th, 2024
Stevie Eller Dance Theatre
6:00, 7:15 or 8:30pm

Invitational Concert

What better way to complete your experience than by performing at the Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase?

All participants attending AJDS are invited to submit a work to be performed at the Invitational Concert.

AJDS Invitational Concert

School of Dance University Audition

Interested high school seniors can take advantage of the UA Dance Program Audition for participants interested in majoring in dance at the University of Arizona. This is one of the UA School of Dance’s three national auditions held each year for the following year’s prospective incoming class.

The audition includes a range of technical styles. Saturday also features a Q&A with faculty advisers for dancers and their parents.

Please note the requirements that must be fulfilled BEFORE this on-campus audition.

School of Dance University Audition

Multimedia Release Form

Each participant (including registrants and observers) must review the AJDS Code of Conduct and complete a Multimedia Release Form.

Multimedia Release Forms must be submitted during check-in upon pick-up of folders. 

AJDS Code of Conduct

The Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase (AJDS), now in its third decade, encourages all participants to act with dignity and respect during this three day event hosted by the UA School of Dance.  In upholding the ideals of dance as an art form, our resident and guest faculty and staff expect all who attend to exhibit behavior appropriate to the studio or stage:  focused attention, proper attire, and a work ethic fitting to the educational purpose of the workshop.

We expect attendees to demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of their participation in AJDS including but not limited to classes, performances, and social media activity.  We desire a wholesome atmosphere as we provide a professional environment in which to learn, create and enjoy.

Breaking this code of conduct will result in suspension of activities or expulsion from the event.