University of Arizona
School of Dance

Brendan Kellam

Arizona Jazz

Dance Showcase

September 27-29, 2024

Guest Faculty

23-year-old AZ native, Brendan Kellam, has been trained in jazz, ballet, modern, hip hop, and ballroom; but his heart lies with tap. Brendan is a professional tap dancer who has traveled all over the U.S. to study with many masters, including Jason Samuels Smith, Nico Rubio, Aleksandr Ostanin, Jason Janas, Lady Di’Walker, Sarah Reich and the late Professor Robert L. Reed.

Brendan has been on faculty for Wing It tap intensive, Phoenix Tap Fest, Utah Tap Fest, and Motor City Tap Fest. He has also been seen performing and working with Sarah Reich’s Tap Music Project, since 2019.

At age 14, Brendan began his journey as a choreographer, and his work has been selected to perform in the Big Apple Tap Festival in New York City, and the Motor City Tap Festival  in Detroit. He currently choreographs for multiple studios across the country, and his work can be seen at many competitions, awarded numerous high accolades.

In 2017, Brendan became the first tap dancer to perform with Essentially Ellington at Lincoln center, in New York.  Most recently, Brendan graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in dance, and is currently the artistic director of Tucson’s only professional tap company, DXX TAP, as well as the artistic director of Tucson’s newest competitive studio, DXX Studios.